Understanding the balancing act of electricity production

A topical business game for young and old


Electricity prices, stock market prices, the renewable energy allowance, the merit-order effect…you may be familiar with the terms, but do you understand how they all fit together? Participants in the game become the electricity manager of their own country and have an opportunity to overhaul its energy policy. They can build new power plants, decommission nuclear power plants, adjust the renewable energy allowance, support renewable energy innovations, and much more. In the end the citizens are the judge. No business game combines more complexity and learning.

Recommended seminar length: 2 days

Target group

Something for everyone

  • For schools that want to offer a project-based lesson.
  • For companies and organizations that want to know more about electricity than their monthly bill.
  • For organizations who want to educate the public.
  • Seminar length: 2 days // 12 – 40 participants


  • Broad knowledge of electricity production.
  • Electricity usage
  • Options for energy transportation and storage, electricity pricing.
  • Merit-order effect // Stock market prices

Skills learned

The seminar develops the following skills:

Broad knowledge of energy production: 98%
Dealing with complexity: 76%
Team building: 95%



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  • Thank you for this opportunity to learn in a safe environment. The TOPSIM simulation is a great tool to try out different strategies and play out different ideas. Thank you for your guidance and gently steering us to the right direction. It`s been an invaluable expirience.

    Irina Yashkova & Michael YurinMoscow EMBA-23
  • Thanks very much for extremely useful program over these two days I have learned more about working in team then in the last couple of years...
    Alexander SvinovDecision Maker
  • I’d like to take a chance and thank you for the well-organized session-training on Project Management. We also were very fascinated with your movie at the end of our program. That was so perfect and emotional.
    Tural NabizadePASHA Bank
  • Great game, fun Teambuilding opportunity. We learned strategy from real competetive environment.

  • Vielen Dank für dieses hammer Training. Mir hat es noch mal so geholfen, meinen Bereich zu scannen, wie ich arbeite, was ich falsch mache (= Gemacht habe) ... aber vor allem, wie es gut Richtung Zukunft weitergeht!

  • Deine Art und Weise hilft jedem sich aktiv zu beteiligen. Du hast auch eine Gabe, Dinge zu erkennen und zu analysieren. Es hat großen Spaß gemacht