Business Simulation: Project Management with a tasty result

Business Simulation: Project Management with a tasty result

International Project Management at ENACTUS.

Some students of the university group enactus Passau had a few month ago the great idea that we should integrate the world of refugees and the world of Residents of Passau. We all know the sayings Love goes through the stomachor every good party ends in the kitchen the enactus group has made exactly that to their program. Hassan from Pakistan has introduced to his country and his country’s cuisine we discussed about the language, the cities, the size of the families, the Koran and many other topics. At the end there was a brilliant dinner. Thanks to Hassan! Hassan has enriched us.

Students had used the project management methodology par excellence. After the successful pilot, the intensive evaluation there will be rollouts at the VHS Passau. The HBS Berlin bows to the commitment and professional implementation of the project.

Who is interested in such business simulations for project management, should also check our two seminars Project Master and Project Prjaniki.



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