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Simulation games

Simulation games

Project.Master, Company, Global Company, Strategic Challenge, Restaurant Management and electricSWITCH are some of our premium products. If your area of interest is not listed, we can develop a business game together.

Interactive seminars

Interactive seminars

 Team leadership, conflict management and presentation techniques are important business skills. Our workshops make these issues “tangible”. Take advantage of the experience and passion of our coaches!

Team building and company events

Team building and company events

Whether whipping up a menu in the cooking studio or baking in a self-built oven, whether team building or corporate events – with our partner Teatro del Gusto, your company events will be unique and unforgettable. 

International consulting

International consulting

Baku, Chisinau, Moscow, Berlin…together we analyze your business processes in the fields of ​​human resources development, quality, etc., and search for potential improvements. Together we implement a customized solution. 

Simulation games

Behind every simulation game developed by HBS Berlin is a real company and a team of experts. We create our activities in partnership with our clients. The Restaurant Management game was developed with the managing director of an events and catering company in Moscow; the logistics simulation with the staff of a waste management company in southern Germany. We also design activities tailored to the needs of individual firms. With a bank in Switzerland; we conceptualized, developed and realized a four-day international event to train young professionals in project management, business processes and portfolio management. With one of the largest confectionery manufacturers in Germany, we successfully  developed and implemented a relocation simulation. Our products always focus on the individual needs and learning requirements of the participants. Computer-based simulations round off our balanced seminar portfolio. We are one of the few business game developers that offer both business board games and computer-based games – and we have been doing so successfully for over 10 years. If we don’t cover your area of interest, we are happy to recommend a suitable provider. We know (almost) all our competitors and work in close cooperation with some.

Clients who have benefitted from our business games:


Objectives and methods:

  • Business game development with partners and experts
  • Board and computer-based business games
  • Adapted to your individual requirements
  • Tailor-made personalized solutions
  • Integrated teaching methods, modern design
  • Consulting for other business game providers
  • Languages​​: de / en / uk / ru / ro – Yours is missing? Call us…
Our business games at a glance

Interactive seminars

At HBS Berlin, we view ourselves as learning mentors. Our coaches create optimal learning environments, establish a successful social architecture in the seminar room and design interactive seminars. Participants need space for creative freedom, inspiration and time for helpful dialogue. A balanced mix of projects, simulations, case studies, presentations and group discussions guarantee a successful learning process. Our coaches have already trained participants from more than 30 countries, and our seminar concepts take differences in learning cultures into account – e.g. varied cultural backgrounds, qualifications, age structure. HBS Berlin seminars are also held in conjunction with our best practice partners, such as BMW, Airbus, Brose, VW, Mercedes, eCom, Deutsche Bank, KPM. We visit our partners and their experts on-site with our seminar participants, and together we discuss topical questions and problems. These seminars are especially popular among our clients from Russia and Kazakhstan.

Clients who have benefitted from our business games:


Objectives and methods:

  • 75% interactive content in all HBS Berlin seminars
  • New learning activities and case studies every year
  • Culture- and learning-specific seminar rooms
  • Seminar trips, lessons adhering to best practice standards
Our seminars at a glance

Team building and company events

Your team is the key to your success. HBS Berlin events, along with our partners Teatro del Gusto and Dialogue in the Dark, bring your staff together and contribute to future achievement. Our events set challenging tasks that nurture team growth. Our past successes include “extreme seminars” in total darkness, building a bread oven in a day, a sailing trip on the Baltic Sea and preparing an impromptu menu. With Teatro del Gusto we have held seminars for five to 5000 participants. Do not hesitate to contact us, so we can plan a personalized event together.

Clients who have benefitted from our business games:


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Objectives and methods:

  • Workshops for larger groups
  • Workshops in the dark
  • Workshops with a cultural program and/or team building
Our products at a glance

International consulting

GIZ GmbH, IHK Leipzig, IHK Potsdam, Ostausschuss Berlin and Europanorat are just some of the partners with whom we have already implemented international training and consulting projects. From 2011-2014 we have worked with more than 30 companies in Moldova to boost the performance of their human resources departments. We have prepared over 50 Russian companies for international management quality standards (e.g. ISO 9001:2008) with our partner Haensch Quality Development GmbH in Yekaterinburg. We have developed a modular training program for project management with an international team of experts from Finland, Ireland and Germany, and trained numerous multipliers over 12 months in Baku.

Clients who have benefitted from our business games:


Objectives and methods:

  • “Coaching the coach” seminars
  • Partner for international organizations
  • Experts for eastern and southeastern Europe
  • long-term consulting projects
  • HR Development – Training Consultations
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Our most popular products

Selection of our latest simulation games

Have a look at a summary of all of our projects:

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4 Reasons for the HBS Berlin


Try new learning methods

Wir sind stets auf der Suche nach den neuen Lehr- und Lernmethoden. Mit Planspielen haben wir eine spannende und effiziente Unterrichtstechnik gefunden, die Vermittlung von Inhalten mit hohem Spaßfaktor verbindet. 

Draw on experience

Every month we hold seminars, meet new people and hear stories of business success in places as diverse as Panama, Abu Dhabi, Azerbaijan and Ukraine. With us you have access to the corporate practices in more than 15 countries.

Expand networks

Haensch Business School Berlin invites you to join our networks in Germany and elsewhere. As a participant in our seminars you will become part of a dynamic community which enjoys exchanging and discussing new trends and management techniques. 

Fuel inspiration

The HBS Berlin team consists of creative individuals who know how to energize others. We help to fuel inspiration and inject fresh life into your day-to-day business practices. 
Through our seminars, participants should effortlessly expand their skill sets. 
Stephan Haensch, founder and managing director of Haensch Business School Berlin 

Our clients

We address three key target groups

Universities and colleges

Universities and colleges often struggle to deliver practical experience. Students are expected to take on managerial positions and contribute to business success without ever seeing the inner workings of a company first-hand. Our simulation games close this gap. We offer students an opportunity to manage a firm, launch a new product or open a subsidiary in South America. The hands-on experience eases the transition to the workplace for many students.

We have designed following formats especially for universities

  • Alumni Meetings
  • Seminars in the Master’s program
  • Key skills for students and teachers



Public sector

The success of international projects depends on the scale and quality of existing networks. Our networks span from Russia to Moldova, from Azerbaijan to Ukraine. They ensure efficient communication and the speedy completion of tasks. Institutions like Germany’s Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and the German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation (GIZ GmbH) rely on our expertise.

We have designed following formats especially for the public sector

  • International Management Training
  • “Coaching the coach” seminars
  • Follow-up days
  • Training formats




Private sector

Private enterprises especially value our business games. The simulations uncover the inner workings of a company and make them tangible. By visualizing processes we expose potential sources of error. Business games avoid lengthy explanations and turn training sessions into experiences that boost learning efficiency. The motto of our business game seminars is: see, touch, understand, improve.

We have designed following formats especially for the private sector

  • Seminar advice and organization
  • International study tours
  • Team building corparate events





  • A great, fantastic expirience. Absolutly like in real life

    Tatiana Gaiday
  • Deine Art und Weise hilft jedem sich aktiv zu beteiligen. Du hast auch eine Gabe, Dinge zu erkennen und zu analysieren. Es hat großen Spaß gemacht

  • Dein Seminar war wirklich spitze! Ich habe so viel gelernt und daraus mitgenommen! Einfach super!!!

    Laura VadderStudentin an der Universität Passau
  • Vielen Dank für dieses hammer Training. Mir hat es noch mal so geholfen, meinen Bereich zu scannen, wie ich arbeite, was ich falsch mache (= Gemacht habe) ... aber vor allem, wie es gut Richtung Zukunft weitergeht!

  • Great game, fun Teambuilding opportunity. We learned strategy from real competetive environment.

  • I’d like to take a chance and thank you for the well-organized session-training on Project Management. We also were very fascinated with your movie at the end of our program. That was so perfect and emotional.
    Tural NabizadePASHA Bank