cyoneer and HBS Berlin are new business partner

cyoneer and HBS Berlin are new business partner

We would like to introduce you to the faces of cyoneer. More information you can find here

Klaus G. Kammermeier


By developing and commercializing new products, services and business models, I have influenced the future of telecommunication technology. Partnering with major telecom companies like Verizon, Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica and Reliance, I led multi-functional high performance teams in America, Europe and Asia, consisting of members from sales, marketing, research and development, product management and supply chain, to provide cost effective internet access for millions of people. With openness, experience and collaboration I was able to overcome many challenges in innovation. Some were almost insurmountable and I realized the importance of a renewed approach to Innovation Management, the concept of: Performative Innovation.

PD Dr. Stefan Winter


The motive that spans my research and teaching at universities and art schools in Basel, Braunschweig, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Helsinki and Perugia is my concept of philosophy as a bridge between science, arts and technologies. In the sphere of academics, I conceived and realized international, interdisciplinary research projects and advised universities and art schools in restructuring and re-orientation. The economy is currently in a process of transition in which old patterns are still reproduced while new possibilities already did arise on the horizon. Science, arts and technologies provide important impulses which allow to rethink economy in a new way and to effectively steer enterprises in complex contexts. To tap this connection’s full potential, a new approach is required: The concept of Performative Innovation.

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