Manager Training Programme in cooperation with HBS Berlin

Manager Training Programme in cooperation with HBS Berlin

For what is the Manager Training Programme?

The Manager Training Programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) aimed primarily at younger managers of small and medium enterprises abroad, who are interested in economic cooperation with German companies. Currently, the program is carried out with 16 partner countries. Between 1998 and the end of 2013 nearly 9,000 executives from as many companies have taken part in Germany at the manager training program. The practice-oriented program will promote capacity-building and management knowhow as well as the initiation of business contacts with German companies.

The role played by HBS Berlin:

Since already over 6 years, together with the appropriate training consortia in Germany, we develop customized seminars almost always with the business game methodology. Every year, managers from India, Russia, Moldova, Mongolia, etc. come to Germany and it’s always exciting to see how different are the projects are. In recent years, we have used the following business games:

1) Project Master business game for project management and business plan

2) Company – Business Management business game for cooperation projects

3) Decision Maker – Decision-making in a new market (computer-based business game TOPSIM / General Management)

What training consortia trust the HBS Berlin:

AHP International

Chamber of Commerce Munich

BZM Berlin

Want more? Short film produced for our participants – have fun: Film / Master Project



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